Here, we've provided some answers to basic questions you may have. These answers are not exhaustive and should you require further information or have any queries that don’t feature below, please do not hesitate to contact our live support team. We are happy to guide and help.

We are a newly cost-effective alternative money transfer company. Our goal is to bring money transfer closer to our customers in a trusted and reliable method so they can concentrate on other business.
Supreme Money Transfer uses one of the safest transfer software with enhanced security to process transaction. Our system has been developed with the latest technology to ensure that our infrastructure and protocols can detect an error. This is done to ensure that our clients’ money is securely processed to safeguard transaction. We are fully regulated by the HMRC, employ proven secure technology and all transactions have a 100% Money Back Guarantee. When you use Supreme Money Transfer to handle your money transfers, you can relax in the knowledge that your money is safe and totally secure. Supreme Money Transfer is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and holds segregated client accounts with Ghana International bank.
All our money transfer services are instant and money can be collected within an hour if all systems go through without a system failure at our office or the collection point. Transactions and orders are confirmed as soon as they are processed by either email or SMS. 12. Which countries can I send money? We currently send money from the UK to Ghana and will unable to assist you to transfer money to other countries. We anticipate to extend our transfer services to other African countries soon.
Apart from saving you money, using our services is fast, reliable and timeless. While using your bank for foreign currency transfers might seem like the simplest option, using a specialist money transfer broker like Supreme Money Transfer can make the process more streamlined and considerably more cost-effective.
Yes. We've made it easier to transfer money at your own convenience. With our online portal, you have control over the way you want to transfer money. You can manage your profile, add new beneficiaries etc.You can register to send money online here
No. Our mobile app is currently under development and would notify our customers as soon as is live.
Yes. Supreme Money Company Limited is a registered money transfer company in Ghana that can assist you.
Mobile money is an innovative way of sending or paying money to people using their correct mobile phone numbers. As soon as we transfer money,they will be alerted by SMS telling them the total amount to be collected. You don't need to give them any reference number. This is simple and easy. Send mobile money now to anyone in Ghana.
Yes. Mobile money is one of the safest way to pay or send money in most developing countries where online payments are not used.
There are 2 options to for recipients to collect their money. They can collect or withdraw cash conveniently at any MTN mobile agent nationwide. The other option is to go to any bank with your ID where they can be paid.
Our mobile money transfer partners have ensured that customers transactions are free from fraud. Their authentication measure ensures that the money is received by the right person.
Our mobile money is 24/7 service. Money can be collected at anytime provided there is availability of agents.
Our system is robust enough to detect wrong name again the mobile number registered by your recipients. Always ensure you provide the correct name and number to avoid delaying your transaction.
No. Our mobile money does not attract any additional charges.
You can send money to your beneficiary in many ways: • By counter or at our offices • Telephone transfer • Online transfer • Agents IMPORTANT: Telephone money transfer is only through our dedicated mobile telephone number and can’t be carried out by our agents. For more information click here
The sender must notify the receiver himself of the amount and number of the transfer, as well as the address of the Participant where it can be received – under addressing payment technology, or receipt address options – under no-address payment technology.
In case of misspelled name(s), the sender should write to Supreme Money Transfer head office indicating the misspelled name(s) for amendment. No extra fee is charged for making such amendments, provided a fee was charged during the original transaction. NOTE: Receivers will not be able to collect funds if their names are wrongly spelled.
It depends on the amount of money you are sending and the frequency of transfers, you will be ask to provide proof of your identity and address. Proof of ID: • Scan/copy of passport • Scan/copy of full UK driving licence • Scan/copy of EU member state driving license • Scan/copy of International driving license • Scan/copy of EU member state ID card with photo Proof of Address: • Residential Utility Bill (Except Mobile Phone Bill and Payslip) • Bank Statement • Bank Letter • Land Lord Letter + Land Lord Bill • Employment Letter • Credit Card Statement • NHS Letter / GP Card • Provisional Driving License • Local Council Rent Card • Tenancy Agreement • Solicitor's Letter Confirming Recent House Purchase • Official Letter from any UK Government Body Proof of funds: • Pay-slip • Bank Statement/ screenshot from electronic banking • Credit Card statement (Documents should contain identification such as name and account number) • Tax Rebate Receipt • House Sales Receipt, Car Sale Receipt, etc • Inland Revenue Payment Slip General • Bank Loan Documents (Including Mortgages)
For the purposes of identifying the receiver, the sender must indicate his full name (last, first and middle names) in accordance with the document certifying identity – in the avoidance of discrepancies between the information in the System and the information in the document certifying identity at the time of payment. Special requirements governing the completion of receiver information are imposed by banks where recipients may pick up funds.
In accordance with Supreme Money Transfer system, the transfer is issued provided the Receiver’s last, first and middle names (where applicable), as indicated in the presented document certifying identity, and the transfer number provided by the Receiver coincide with the information indicated in the System. 11. When will Supreme Money Transfer send my money? All our money transfer services are instant and money can be collected within an hour if all systems go through without a system failure at our office or the collection point. Transactions and orders are confirmed as soon as they are processed by either email or SMS.
We currently send money from the UK to Ghana and will unable to assist you to transfer money to other countries. We anticipate to extend our transfer services to other African countries soon.
There are THREE types of charges or fees which may occur for using our transfer services:

1. Counter transfer fee: we have a Pay How Much You Send model. Our fees for this service are charged within a specific range of amount you transfer and are immediately paid during the processing period. Find out how much you will pay for your transfer here.

2. Telephone transfer fee: The fee for this service attracts extra charges because you are not obliged to make payment for the amount of money you have transferred for 3 days. Read more about telephone transfer fees.

3.Online transfer fee: Our system calculates how much fees you will pay when you use our online service to transfer money. You always get a discount when you use this service to send money but other payment methods such as credit card may attract charges by our partner companies. These charges vary according to your payment method;

Our exchange rates are determined by the international foreign exchange markets. When the markets are opened, the rates you are offered will often fluctuate right up until the time a transaction is confirmed.
After registration which can be down online, at our office or with an agent and agreeing an exchange rate with your transaction or staff, you will receive order confirmation, after which you’ll be asked to supply details of the beneficiary details before making a payment to Supreme Money Transfer. After the funds have been received, your foreign currency is immediately sent to your beneficiary through our partner banks for collection.

IMPORTANT: All transactions whether counter, telephone, online and agents generate transaction reference number which can only been used to collect money at collection point.

When you use Supreme Money Transfer to handle your foreign currency transfers, you can relax in the knowledge that your money is in safe hand and totally secure. Supreme Money Transfer Limited is regulated in the UK by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and under the Anti-Money Laundering Regulation under HMRC.


For more information or if you have any concern, please get in touch with us, we're happy to help.

Complaint procedure

Every complaint through Supreme Money Transfer is logged and given a unique reference number, which makes it easy to keep track of. Customers making complaints must be prepared to give their name and contact details for the complaint to be investigated. They will also be given the option of having someone respond to them directly or not. Where the customer has requested a response, they will be informed of the complaint reference number as well as how long they should expect to wait for a response.

When a complaint is logged it is forwarded to and dealt with by our complaint section within Supreme Money Transfer Limited. Complaints where the customer has requested a response will be responded to within maximum 14 working days of receiving the complaint. If we feel it will not be possible to respond within 14 working days, we will contact the customer to advise when they can expect a response. In the case of complaints concerning emergency situations, the relevant actions will be taken immediately and the customer be notified as soon as possible. All reasonable efforts will be made to resolve complaints as quickly as possible.

It is important when making a complaint:

To provide your name and contact details. Anonymous complaints will not be investigated but will be recorded and referred to the appropriate section for information and noting only.
To provide all relevant information to enable the complaint to be investigated properly. A lack of details may limit our ability to investigate your complaint thoroughly.
To note the complaint reference number, so that you can quote this number when making any follow up contact regarding your complaint.
To treat staff members of Supreme Money Transfer Limited with courtesy and respect. Abusive language, discriminatory remarks and threatening behaviour will not be tolerated.

It is possible, at the conclusion of the complaint process that you will not receive the outcome you were seeking. This does not necessarily mean that your complaint was not appropriately handled. You should be provided with reasons for decisions made at each step along the process.

If, at the end of the process, you have been provided with an opportunity to be heard, have been treated fairly, and have been given reasons why your complaint can go no further, no further correspondence will be entered into about that specific complaint. Customers who are not satisfied with the outcome of a complaint or if you deem we have not properly handled your complaint after 14 weeks, you may be able to refer your complaint to;

The Financial Ombudsman Service
South Quay Plaza,
183 Marsh Wall,
E14 9SR.

Learn more about our complaint procedure here