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We transfer money directly into your receiver's mobile money wallet throughout Ghana. No need for recipients to wait in queues at banks anymore. They can collect their monies at any mobile money outlet. Fraud Alert! Supreme Money Transfer Ltd will not contact you to ask for your bank details for payment. Good News. You can send and receive money on Saturdays and Sundays.

We offer same day bank deposit with no extra charges

100% Customer satisfaction guarantee

Excellent Customer Support

Our dedicated team are available 24/7 to help you with any queries and problems you may have. Every company trusts their own money transfer services. We do too. We invite you to test ours and compare the services you receive to that of any of our competitors. Contact our suport service if you're encountering any issues regarding your transaction or our services.

Innovative Transfer

Our pro-active Innovative Service ensures that recipients receive money within the shortest possible time. We have provided all the resources required to ensure that your money is received in a secure, fast and reliable method. Our goal is to make our remittance service accessible and conducive to as many individuals as possible, and to help everyone make the very most of it. We transfer money at all times all days including night and Sundays when recipient are alerted through their mobile phone to collect money from any mobile money outlets. You can use our online transfer service to send money 24/7 giving you complete control over your money transfer.

Instant Pickups

Monies transferred, can be easily received at any of our affiliate banks and mobile money options available in Ghana. We have put in place adequate security to ensure only beneficiary picks up funds. We offer free SMS notifications to let you know when transaction is approved for collection. Our mobile money transfer is the most popular, easiest and secure way to send money any time.

Dedicated Team

We can proudly state that we have a team of professionals who have been intricately involved in the remittance business for many years and know what goes into bringing a smile on our customers’ face.

Fast & Reliable

We work in partnership with reputable banks for recipients to pick up money. Our mobile money service ensures that 24/7. 

Responsible & Convenience

We provide upfront fees and exchange rates. You don’t need to worry about standing in lines, parking, or making it to a storefront before it closes.

Better Rates, Lower Fees

Our customers count on us as we constantly keep cost low while we continue to provide excellent exchange rates given you the power to control your money transfer.

We Are Easily Located

We are easy to reach where ever you are located. Our Head Office is located right on the Dewsbury Road with public transport accessibility. Pleas use the Metro link to find a bus to our Head office. Our postcode is LS11 6XD.

Mobile Money Transfer

With Supreme Money Transfer, your beneficiary can receive money with their mobile phones. Our Mobile Money Transfer (MMT) service is a stress-free, profulgent and convenient way to send money directly to recipients’ mobile phones. 

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