Payout Banks - Cash pick up

We ensure convenience in getting your money from all over Ghana. The beneficiary will receive a text alert that the remittance is ready for pick up.

With our partnership with First African Savings & Loan, your beneficiaries can pick up the money in any Ghana Commercial Bank. This means that we cover every part of Ghana. We will be adding more payout banks soon.


If you are a corporate body and like to partner with us

How can my beneficiary receive the money?

There are 3 options beneficiaries can pick up money. You can credit the money directly to your beneficiary’s personal bank account (only banks in Ghana), have your beneficiary collect the money from our various cash pick-up outlets/partners, or choose door to door delivery where our country representatives deliver your money (available only in Accra).

To collect money, your beneficiary needs bring with them:
1. Proof of ID (passport, Voter ID card, Driving licence)
2. Reference number

Note: Please note that the beneficiary’s name stated on your transaction has to match exactly the name on your beneficiary’s Proof of ID. This includes any middle names.