A stress-free way to send money to recipient's mobile wallet

Mobile Money is a fast, simple, convenient, secure and affordable way for recipients to receive money in Ghana. The service is offered by most mobile network operators including MTN, Vodafone, Tigo and Airtel. You can choose our mobile Money as a collection method when sending money.  With mobile money, there is no need for your beneficiary to travel far or wait impatiently to receive money from the bank. Not only  can recipients collect their money at any outlets nearer to them but also, they can receive money during the weekends as well as holidays anytime anywhere.

Whether sending money to build a project or for family support in Ghana, we make money transfer go faster, simple & secure.

Do I need to pay extra money?

Our mobilemoney transfer does not attract extra charges in Ghana. The exact amount that your beneficiary needs to collect will be paid to her/him

mobile money transfer

In a quick step, money can be transferred to a receiver’s mobile wallet. All we need is their valid mobile numbers

  • Review the available payout facilities, and select Mobile Money
  • Confirm that the Receiver has a mobile wallet or registered as a mobile money subscriber
  • Provide the receiver's mobile number, and please do recheck the number again.
  • SMS notification or a call will be made to the recipient when the funds are delivered

The Power of Mobile Phone

Fair Transfer

For you - there are no headaches for funds to be delivered. For your recipient - they get more than with any other services. We care to provide a well-balanced, convenience, and intuit kind of business.

Fast Transfer

Transfers received same day is guaranteed. We provide value for your money; without compromise. With Supreme Money Transfer, you get the best deal, big difference with EVERY transfer!!!

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