Our telephone money transfer service is a fast and cheap way of transferring money by calling our transfer dedicated mobile numbers. Customers are only able to use this service when their transaction details are stored in the system and are issued with telephone transaction PIN which is verified before transaction is made

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The Telephone Money transfer transaction is limited to £300.00. Customers have up to 3 calendar days to make payment either through bank payment or at the counter of Supreme Money Transfer. This service attracts extra fee of £1.00 per transaction (eg if you make a telephone money transfer for £100.00, your fee to pay will be £5 instead of £4 for normal counter transaction). However, if a customer fails to pay within the 3 calendar days, it will attract an extra £1.00 for fourteen days after which legal action will be taking. Refer to our payment terms and conditions.

Easy, Convenient & Flexible

Our telephone money transfer service was crafted knowing that people have important things to do. This means you don't need to travel to an agent or go online to send money. The only thing required of you is to request a call back or give us a ring and the rest is taken care of. The flexibility in payment is the most risk a business would take, but we do this to fulfill our promise to bringing money transfer closer to you. Others have taken the advantage. What are you waiting for? Give it a trial!

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